Founded in 1982

  • The tremendous growth of Inteltec was fueled by the clear vision and guidance of its management team, positioning the organization among the best telecommunications companies in the Middle East.

  • Inteltec, a Lebanese Telecommunication company, was founded in 1982 to act as the main engineering unit within Investcom Holding. In May 2006 Investcom merged with MTN of South Africa, and Inteltec became fully owned by MTN group. In November 2011, Inteltec Management Team that has run the company for many years acquired 100% of Inteltec shares.

    At the commencement of the company, while guided by the vision of its management, Inteltec took the challenge to install and operate state of the art systems to offer complete telephony services to end customers. As a result, its activities expanded rapidly to cover wireless businesses (AMPS, GSM), microwave transmission, earth stations, VSAT, etc.

  • Quality Management System

    Inteltec is a certified ISO 9001-2008 company. This International Quality Management System standard aims at continually improving performance by focusing on customer needs and satisfaction. It also ensures that people have the knowledge and skills required to satisfy the organisation's customers.

    Management by objectives is the essence of the ISO9001-2008. The main frame work of Inteltec quality objectives is derived from the quality policy (below) which covers all the following points:

    -Customer / Stakeholder satisfaction
    -Continual improvement of the QMS
    -Cost effective
    -Development of Human resources .

    Quality Policy

    Being a telecommunication engineering company, Inteltec's philosophy is to build a mutual relationship with the customer in order to fully understand his requirements and to meet his expectation along with other stakeholders through applying advanced technology & continual improvement of the QMS.

    To be able to satisfy the customers' needs, Inteltec is committed to provide high-quality and cost effective services.

    At Inteltec, every employee is motivated to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our services and management system through maintaining and promoting an open and honest communication environment that helps in achieving the organization's Objectives.

    (This policy is implemented through the company's ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System which covers all operations of the company and applies to all company's personnel.)